Monday, January 6, 2014

Life's Not Fair

I sat in my Sunday School class listening to our teacher go on about how life's not fair. I wanted to stand up and scream at the top of my lungs kicking and screaming about my life. I have so many personal examples that I could give of how things aren't fair. From sudden deaths to selfish affairs, sometimes life just sucks! 

My MS is not fair. I'm 25, why do I always feel like I'm 84? I can't wrap my mind around the truth some days. I sometimes have bursts of energy where all I can do is finish a task I've been trying to complete for weeks, and that is now something that's exciting for me! 

It's so frustrating to watch others destroy their perfectly healthy bodies with drugs and alcohol. Why can't they see what they have and embrace it? Their health is something I wish I had and something that I took for granted the 24 years before being diagnosed. 

It's simply not fair and it literally makes me want to scream. Sometimes, I want to smack them across the face for their irresponsibility, surely I'm not alone in this. 

But what if we take what's 'not fair' in our lives and use it as an opportunity.

My MS sucks the life out of me some days, it literally hurts. But what if I can help others with MS or another chronic illness by being able to relate to this invisible disease? 

Perhaps, there's a reason for this diagnosis. Perhaps there's a purpose in this for my life.

I won't look back in 5 years and think hmmm what a waste of an opportunity that God gave me to serve as a witness in a struggling community. I won't waste the opportunity to build awareness of MS and what we suffer with. 

When you think about it like this, it doesn't seem so unfair right? 

When opportunity knocks, bust down the door and wrap your arms around it. There's a reason that we suffer, even if we can't see it at this moment. 

Let's take 2014 on with a smiling face not looking back and think of what we should have done or could have done with our opportunity.