A Little Bit About Me

This blog is dedicated to everything that those affected by Multiple Sclerosis battle with every day, including myself.

I'm a spunky, hope inspiring gal who has this little problem that knocks on my door every day. It isn't welcome but it always comes back! You guessed it, MS. 

So a little about me, I was raised in a small town in Texas and have been living in the greater Houston area for almost 3 years. I am married with two 'kids' (an ADHD Husky named Mia and an over-the top nap taker Snorkie named Trixie) - be prepared, I will blog about them often.

Multiple Sclerosis is no stranger to me, I understood what it was, how to deal with it, and how painful it was for a family while growing up. My mother was diagnosed about 10 years ago, and even though I thought I understood what she felt like, I didn't completely feel the pain until I was diagnosed in May 2013. (now I understand the importance of the naps she took so often)

Strange isn't it? 

A mom with MS and a daughter with MS, with similar lesions and similar symptoms (I'll admit, she does fall more than me), yet every research team swears that it isn't hereditary. 

I hope to bring fun, inspiration and hope to those living with MS and those affected by it through my blog. 

Leave me some comments, I would love to hear from you!