Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My MS Moments

For those of you who don't know much about MS, it can turn your brain to mush in the drop of a hat.

Got a presentation you've got to give to the execs at work, you can better believe that you'll have an "MS Moment".

Wanting to have a deep conversation with a close friend, and just can't seem to put the words together to make sense. That's an MS Moment.

These moments in life are prevelant everyday. And here are a few MS moments that will hopefully make you laugh...because that's all we can do!

Yesterday: I was texting a friend of mine who sings like Beyonce (that's not a joke) and we were discussing how we needed to plan a jam session. That then led me to, "hey, you should sing some gospel music!"

Being the southern Baptist I am, I LOVE gospel music and I knew my friend wasn't much of a fan - so you could say I was attempting to mess with her.

She replied and said "well what song do you want me to sing?"

Of course, I already knew. I played an awesome arrangement at my cousins wedding of Higher Ground and my friend's voice would be perfect.

I piped back and said "you've got to sing Higher Ground"

She replied "Hmm, I'll have to YouTube that one, I'm not familiar with it."

I go into freak out mode with the following texts, and secretly began judging the fact that she didn't know "Higher Ground"

Me: What?! How do you not know Higher Ground????

Me again: it's a hymn. You should know it....(that's my condescending tone)

Me, yet again (I'm turning into my mother at this point): We are standing on Higher Ground. And I know that there are angels all around.

30 minutes later....

My friend: It's Holy Ground.

...I nearly died

Today: I'm at my desk working and needed to get up to run to the bathroom. No big deal usually...

As I proceed to stand up, I somehow manage to catch my foot in a wire under my desk and that plunges my body towards the glass wall of the office right behind me.

It was loud. I wasn't sure whether to laugh, cry or pee my pants as I looked around and sighed as no one noticed my graceful afternoon slip.

There you have it - two MS Moments in one week and it's only Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

BP MS150

Have you heard of the BP MS150? It's a bike ride from Houston, TX to Austin, TX over the course of 2 days that happens every Spring. (That's a L-O-N-G way!)

What's the best part? It raise a TON of money for the National MS Society which directly impacts the funds given to research treatment and ultimately, a cure for MS.

I participated in this bike ride during college in honor of my mom. It was such an humbling experience to cross the finish line with my brother and husband as we watched my mom cheer from the sidelines. She was the true hero that day - all we did was ride a bike. It never occurred to me that I might one day be in my mom's shoes and cheering on a rider as they cross the finish line in my honor.

This year, I have a childhood friend who is doing just that. I have known Andy Guthrie nearly all of my life and was honored to hear from him this past weekend. He was excited to ride in honor of my mom and myself during the BP MS150 2015 this coming April.

Every rider must raise $400 dollars to even participate and I'm asking YOU to help support Andy in the BP MS150 this year with a donation, a prayer or a 'Goodluck' wish.

To donate, simply click here to donate to Andy. Every little bit helps and I can't explain to you how much of an impact it will have on the MS community.

I can't tell you how excited I am to watch the cyclists cross the line in Austin, TX as they advocate on behalf of those of us who cannot ride.