Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My MS Moments

For those of you who don't know much about MS, it can turn your brain to mush in the drop of a hat.

Got a presentation you've got to give to the execs at work, you can better believe that you'll have an "MS Moment".

Wanting to have a deep conversation with a close friend, and just can't seem to put the words together to make sense. That's an MS Moment.

These moments in life are prevelant everyday. And here are a few MS moments that will hopefully make you laugh...because that's all we can do!

Yesterday: I was texting a friend of mine who sings like Beyonce (that's not a joke) and we were discussing how we needed to plan a jam session. That then led me to, "hey, you should sing some gospel music!"

Being the southern Baptist I am, I LOVE gospel music and I knew my friend wasn't much of a fan - so you could say I was attempting to mess with her.

She replied and said "well what song do you want me to sing?"

Of course, I already knew. I played an awesome arrangement at my cousins wedding of Higher Ground and my friend's voice would be perfect.

I piped back and said "you've got to sing Higher Ground"

She replied "Hmm, I'll have to YouTube that one, I'm not familiar with it."

I go into freak out mode with the following texts, and secretly began judging the fact that she didn't know "Higher Ground"

Me: What?! How do you not know Higher Ground????

Me again: it's a hymn. You should know it....(that's my condescending tone)

Me, yet again (I'm turning into my mother at this point): We are standing on Higher Ground. And I know that there are angels all around.

30 minutes later....

My friend: It's Holy Ground.

...I nearly died

Today: I'm at my desk working and needed to get up to run to the bathroom. No big deal usually...

As I proceed to stand up, I somehow manage to catch my foot in a wire under my desk and that plunges my body towards the glass wall of the office right behind me.

It was loud. I wasn't sure whether to laugh, cry or pee my pants as I looked around and sighed as no one noticed my graceful afternoon slip.

There you have it - two MS Moments in one week and it's only Wednesday.