Friday, December 27, 2013

Sorry, I've Been MIA

Whew, that was rough! I haven't been updating my blog due to my lovely bacterial infection during the Christmas season. I have one of the biggest fears of getting the least bit sick with MS, as I know a simple UTI can set off a relapse. 

What a pain, I can't even have a sore throat and fever without a bombshell of MS symptoms tagging along. 

Thankfully, I didn't relapse and was able to almost fully recover...I was running 103.4 fever and have severe allergies to almost all antibiotics! That's actually not too terribly high for me, typically I'm above 104 before I get something. 

So I laid low for 2 days, took off from work and even shared my germs with my husband. He became sick with the same junk a day afterwards...two sickly people in one house. Basically our heat was on 75 those days and germs were festering in our home. 

The worst part? One of us had to get up and begin Lysoling the home so we didn't just keep going in circles...that lucky person was me! 

Oh well, I'm nearly better, Christmas was wonderful and I'm back to real life. 

Sorry for a period of time with no updates, but hey, we all have our days!