Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Exercising with MS

Yup, you read that right. Exercising with MS is possible! Let me paint you a picture of my childhood, but promise not to laugh.

I was a band-nerd, a twirler, and very exercising to me is horrible. I hate it!

I knew I had to make a change in my life to continue living it to my fullest ability. Where to start though? I had just enrolled in a fabulous online boot camp that friends of mine had started, it was pretty hard-core for the band nerd I was. I was following the Paleo diet and enjoyed watching the pounds drop in a healthy manner. I couldn't continue on with the bootcamp style training, it was intense workouts that my body wasn't able to handle. (if your body can handle it, you seriously need to check it out here)

So I began walking with my sweet husky, slowly and for short distances each afternoon. Walking to the stop sign at the end of my road would be the point at which I had to turn around and head back due to the tingling in my feet.

Discouraging? Yes, but I had researched and read about many MS patients who run marathons, I know this is good for my body. I mentally kept saying slow & steady and was so thankful that I had the ability to walk.

I skipped every other day and continued to walk until my body told me to stop. Eventually, I was walking 2 miles, then running parts of those miles.

Only about 6 weeks after I started I was running the full mile and walking the second. Wow! I was impressing myself to say the least. Then I just kept running and am now able to run the full 2 miles without walking.

How do I do it? How do I find the will to push myself? This is my mentality:

Exercise to be Healthy

I am not focused on losing weight or fitting into a cute summer outfit, I have the mentality that if I don't use my muscles, I will lose them. I want to have the agility needed when I am blessed with children. This mentality is great for MS fighters because you don't get discouraged. Each time your feet hit the road and your butt is off the couch, it's meeting a goal that you set for yourself.


I pray when I run, I thank God for giving me the ability to run and not having to be contained in a wheelchair. What an easy way to get my mind off of nearly dying to focus on my Creator.

Congratulate Yourself

I'm super proud every afternoon that I motivate myself to exercise. I sleep better at night due to the exhaustion from my afternoon run. I feel like I'm winning, I'm beating this disease one step at a time, and to me, that's all I need to keep myself motivated.

Take a look at this video that motivated me to get my rear in gear and I hope it does the same for you. Watch this inspiring story of an MS fighter who exercises with P90X to improve her MS!