Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MS and Toilet Paper, More Alike Than You Think

Two weeks ago, I was upstairs playing with my 3 year old nephew in his toy room when we had the below conversation:

Me: I'm going to run downstairs to go to the bathroom
Nephew: Just go upstairs Aunt BB
Me: Well, there isn't any toilet paper upstairs, I'll be right back
Nephew: As his eyes rolled to the side of his head, he looked at me and said "Poop?"
Me: Laughing, I had to explain how girls needed toilet paper for Tee-Tee as well
Nephew: We have some upstairs, come see
Me: (I had already looked, but just to amuse the little rascal I played along)
Nephew: See Aunt BB - (He pulled off the last square inch on the roll and started laughing)

MS is like a roll of toilet paper, some days your toilet paper runs out and sometimes it falls on the floor. The times that this happens on the throne, we have to finagle a way to grasp that trusty roll without falling off the potty.

You know when you are just starting a roll off and you have to go around 4 or 5 times because only part of it is coming off, while ripping the middle? MS is like that, we get up with a fresh start to the day only to be ripped down the middle from the time we start brushing our teeth.

I'm the world's worst about replacing the toilet paper roll. When I start a new one, my typical method is to balance it on the holder and prop it up against the wall. The only time the toilet paper is properly placed on the roll is when my in-laws are coming over, not my family because they lived with me and know my habits.

But the toilet paper almost always falls on the floor, it never fails, just when I'm finishing up I drop it and it unrolls all the way across the bathroom. Don't laugh - I know it's happened to you! MS is like that, we fall, and we fall often. We always have to scramble to pick up ourselves while smiling at the onlookers to let them know that you planned to do that!

Lastly, and most importantly, toilet paper 'feels' like crap. It is used to get up close and personal with our tushies and in turn, feels crap.

MS feels like crap, everyday, all day. If my legs aren't hurting my head is hurting. If my arms aren't twitching, my eyebrow is twitching. If I'm not falling asleep at my desk, it's only by the grace of God!

The next time you go to your favorite potty for some alone time, look at that toilet paper roll (without dropping it) and realize that you can't live without it!

MS is something you can't live without. Whether you want to or not, it's the beast we live with.