Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Introducing...My Sweet Mother!

I just can't contain myself, I'm so excited to share with everyone that I have finally convinced my dear mother to write some blogs on topics that I just can't cover. She has some experiences that I haven't yet had and I want her to begin sharing her journey on the blog!

Everyone clap for her, it takes alot of courage to write something and throw it up on the interwebs! 

You can begin to look for her guest posts soon. They will cover a large spectrum of topics including the below points.

Her MS Story - Everyone's Got One, So Let's Hear It! 
The Switch - Taking a Chance with Gilenya 
Ways that She copes in a Super-Stressful Job
MS & Horses - This is so interesting to me, don't miss this post! 
Older Kids & MS
Copaxone - The Scary Side Effect

I can't stress to you how cool this is going to be, we are something pretty rare within the MS community. We are going to do her perspective/my perspective of some stories, so stay tuned!