Friday, November 22, 2013

Who Else Celebrates Birthday Week?

This week I turned 25, that's right folks, halfway to 50! 

Why do I feel 85? Aren't I supposed to be staying up all hours of the night, enjoying the weekend's with friends, and repeat each week? 

Perhaps I am lame, because a 9:30 bedtime and naps on the weekend are both included in my idea of fun. 

My sweet husband took me to the mall to pick out a purse for my birthday, I have a problem and it is called purse shopping. 

I don't look at price tags until I'm already poor husband. 

So we did that for a few hours then headed off to eat a fabulous dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I was Googling like crazy trying to find their gluten free menu, but no luck. I did however find a ton of awesome reviews on their gluten free menu. 

We decided to give it a try, if worse came to worse we could trot next door to PF Chang's because their menu is fabulous! 

The food and service was great and did I mention gluten free chocolate cheesecake?!

Seriously get it to-go and eat it in the bed while watching Big Bang Theory. (Sidenote: I may or may not have done that) 

So it was a great night with my husband, but there's something that I love about birthday week...I don't cook, or grocery shop at all! Meaning, I don't care how the food gets in my belly as long as I don't peruse the grocery store looking for it or slave over the stove every night to prepare it. (My husband doesn't cook, so remind me to run a few extra miles next week) 

Birthday week really needs to implemented across all households, I highly recommend my method for you! 

Now, to just get my employer on board, I could make next year's birthday week an amazing one!