Friday, November 1, 2013

My MS Story, My MS Blessing

The most 'life' I had done at age 24 included graduating from college and getting married. My husband and I were cruising along with absolutely no worries in the world. 

When I woke up to find numbness and deadness from my waist down, I knew immediately something was wrong. 

Multiple Sclerosis - I knew it, I felt it, something wasn't right. After multiple tests and appointments, I was given the firm diagnosis of the truth - I was not as scared as most people are. Why? Because I had watched the strongest member of my family for the past 10 years overcome each day with an undeniable strength, my mother.

Solumedrol is my friend, most people seem to hate it, I feel like a drug addict begging my neurologist for it. Seriously, how many other times can you get nearly 10 hours of sleep over 5 days and be EXTREMELY productive?! 

See, there are some benefits to those pesky steroids! 

After being diagnosed in May, I began Copaxone as my form of treatment (more on this later), and less then two months later, I had another, more serious relapse. 

When your entire body is tingling from the neck down - it's unbearable. However, I thanked God each day that it hadn't impaired my ability to walk or see. 

Each time a relapse happens, I can't help but be thankful that it isn't worse. Each time I want to cry alone in the shower, I am reminded that this can be a blessing, it can be something to use as a testimony in my life. 

I have only been living with MS for less than a year but I want to make an impact on others who have the disease and those living with family with MS. 

It's difficult, it makes life hard, it's invisible, but we are in pain. 

We cherish the friends and family who understand, those who want to provide assistance or lend an ear, I cherish them. 

What is it that you do to use your MS as a blessing?