Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jack Osbourne, An Inspiration for all MS Fighters!

My idea of a great evening is piling up on my couch for two hours cheering on Jack Osbourne as he dances his way to the top!

I've always loved Dancing with the Stars and have faithfully watched for many seasons but there's something different this Fall, I can relate 100% to Jack.

He said during the show that one of his biggest fears was that he just had a daughter and being diagnosed with MS, he didn't want to end up in a wheelchair while being a father. I can honestly say that young MS fighters all feel that way.

I was in high school when my mother was diagnosed, it was different, she was older, I could help her whenever it was hard for her.

I'm 24, with no kids...yet.

I have to keep my body healthy and continue to fight in order to 'hopefully' have the opportunity of raising children while being able to walk and play with my kids.

So what do I do, how do I keep my mobility and agility? I believe in if you "Don't use it, you will lose it," therefore I began walking...very short distances at first due to my feet and hands beginning to tingle. I was very discouraged, and felt like an 80 year old lady walking to the mailbox.

I changed my diet, I completely cut out gluten, didn't 'cheat' and started to see a difference. I was able to work up to walking two miles. So then I began running, I-AM-NOT-ATHLETIC, not even joking. But I began running and built up to running the whole two miles!

Now, I'm not going to be running a marathon, half marathon, or even a 5k, I don't even weigh myself. I exercise and eat the way I do in order to live a fuller life today and in the future.

I admire Jack Osbourne, how scary it must seem to have the possibility of relapsing while doing Dancing with the Stars.

Exhaustion and stress are definitely a player in his competition and that will lead to a relapse. If vision or mobility is lost, then the competition is over for him.

There's not a Monday night that I don't shed a tear, I appreciate what he is doing not only for himself but for the entire MS community. It is so inspiring and gives hope.

So with this, thank you Jack, for continuously devoting your week to dancing this season, you are doing more than dancing in the hearts of so many of us!