Thursday, November 7, 2013

The 5 Things To Help Me Stay Positive

Staying positive during this whirlwind is sometimes difficult. It's easy to get caught up in what hurts, the reality that you will never get better, and the fact that you are always so darn sleepy. Can I get an Amen?

These are things that I try to focus on when I start to feel a little down, it typically seems to help.

1. My Family

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who is the most patient and supportive person I have ever met. When the dreadful fate was revealed to us earlier this year, I was so thankful to have him by my side.

Blessings come in big packages and I have the best support system in the form of parents, siblings, and in-laws. Without them I wouldn't be able to stay positive and realize that this disease doesn't define me, it makes me stronger.

2. My Dogs

I don't have children but I have two dogs, a laid-back Snorkie named Trixie and an ADHD Husky named Mia. These little ones are always happy to see me and they really help to keep a smile on your face. You can be yelling at them for barfing on the floor one minute and they will be wagging their tail the next...always bring happiness.

3.My Job

Working allows me to realize that I am not disabled, it lets me know that I can accomplish things just like a regular person. It keeps my mind focused and busy. It really is something that I enjoy doing which also helps me to stay positive.

4. Exercising

Now don't freak out, this is something I hated doing my entire life. I was in the people aren't athletic. However, I knew that this was something I needed to do in order to keep my strength and agility. I began walking short distances. The moment my feet would tingle, I would head inside. I kept building up and finally run every other afternoon for 2 miles without any body part going numb. Exercising releases endorphin and that actually makes you happy.

5. Sleeping

This is by far the thing I look forward to every weekend. I typically nap on both Saturday and Sunday and don't feel bad about it one bit. Sleeping always make me happy. End.Of.Story.

I'm not tooting my own horn, trust me, sometimes I'm just cranky and can't do a thing about it. However, I always tell myself that it could always be worse.