Monday, November 4, 2013

MS Walk - The Woodlands

Over the years my family has participated in the MS-150 to raise funds to find a cure for MS. However, now that both my mother and I are MS fighters, we decided to take to the 5K walk held in The Woodlands, TX this year.

We had a team of 15 friends and family participate and raised over $1,000! It was an amazing experience and I was so grateful to have the support of those who walked and donated.

The local Houston MS Society is amazing, they put together a fabulous event and had great sponsors for the day. We got free food, T-Shirts, and Sweet Tea (provided by McAlisters Deli).

The best experience of the day was being able to come together with all of those who are affected by MS and have a photo. We huddled together (without falling over) and snapped a couple of photos. We were able to meet and connect with others in the community who struggle with the same pain.

MS brings MSers together, ain't that right? My mother and I made instant friends and everyone was so interested in our story because we were a mother-daughter fighting duo! (FYI, there's not much of a story except when you put us together, we are usually a complete mess)

I would highly recommend all of you who have never participated in an MS event to sign up and lead a team. These events put a positive spin on such a yucky, negative experience we all live with. They inspire you to raise awareness and to build hope within your community.

One of my biggest fears with this disease is becoming negative or depressed and I personally believe that events like these help us to center ourselves on what's important - building a community of fun loving, supporting individuals who inspire us to be the best we can be.

What events or activities have you participated in that help you stay on the right track, stay happy, and inspire others?