Monday, February 10, 2014


Exhaustion, fatigue, and longing for the sweet cushion of your bed is something all of us wait for every afternoon. I felt it this weekend, like I had never felt it before.

Saturday was a big day for our family, my sweet nephew celebrated his 4th birthday! It was an exciting time for his friends and family to gather around him to celebrate everything he means to us!

It was a fun time with family, but after the party, I couldn't keep my eyes open. My head was throbbing and I couldn't make myself do anything for the remainder of the day.

Used to, I could attend a birthday party, run to the store, fill up the gas tank, and get home to conquer the mammoth of laundry that (still) needs to be done. However, on Saturday I was absolutely exhausted. I was, what we call 'pooped.'

Isn't it frustrating now that the energy is sucked out of you by doing the simplest of tasks? It aggravates me to no end to realize that I can't go to the movie or out to dinner but just need to chillax on my big man chair for the remainder of the day, of course wearing PJ's. 

However, I think it's hard to spin these situations around while you're dragging yourself through the exhaustion.

Yes, I felt like an 80 year old woman after the birthday party, but praise God I have legs that move and the ability to walk around and enjoy the birthday party. Who cares if I didn't go to the grocery store or do the mounds of laundry that haunt me when I walk into my bedroom? Even though my lunch consisted of only green beans today, it's really not that big of a deal.

The point is that it's a blessing that I had a few good hours to enjoy his celebration! I always make myself look for something good when I feel like MS is knockin' me around and laughing in my face, who's with me?