Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love, Sweet Love

Valentine's Day is something that my husband and I haven't made a huge deal of throughout our relationship, however, our 3 year anniversary is next week, so I figured it would be fun to write about our story.

I was very involved in the music ministry at my home church throughout my entire life, and the music minister at our church was my husband's step dad. I played piano several times with him and he made comments each time about his "twin boys". Of course, I laughed it off and never really thought much of it.

During the summer after graduating high school I was involved in our college & career ministry, called RedZone. On a random Wednesday night, Cody, my husband showed up for Bible study. We exchanged email addresses and that's how it started. His step dad takes the credit for getting us together!

We dated all throughout our college career and married when we were 22 years old. Next week marks our third anniversary and I couldn't be more blessed to spend my life with one of the greatest man I have ever known.

I'm so thankful to have his constant love and support as we "do life" together. I can't wait to see what our future holds from careers to children, I'm excited to spend these experiences with him!