Saturday, May 31, 2014

One Year Down, How Many to Go?

With the month of May coming to a close I'm reminded of how quickly this last year has went by.

Many things have changed, some good and some that I find hard to wrap my mind around, those of which aren't mentioned below :)

I realized very quickly at how stress can make an MS relapse happen in the blink of an eye with back to back flare ups last summer. After a family vacation to Destin I switched over to a new position with a marketing firm that's much closer to home.

We began settling into our new hometown and found a church with great couples that welcomed us with open arms. Having that church family in our lives this past year has been such a blessing and exciting as our family begins to build new relationships.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year all came quickly and was over before we could say Merry Christmas.

I lasted the whole year with only suffering two relapses, a job change, a new church, several quick trips to see family and the continuous ebb and flow of life. What I mean by life is laundry and cooking, all while putting my superwoman outfit on and tackling the marketing world on a daily basis.

In the back of my mind, I wondered throughout the first year if my treatment was working and if my body was progressing for the worst.

The only way to know is to sit through the spaceship simulator the doctors call an MRI.

At my one year check up and MRI results, there was only progression of one new lesion in my brain and zero on my spine.

While there is progression and new white matter found, it is overall a positive result that I'm extremely happy with.

I'm grateful to all of my family and friends who have continued giving their support and prayers throughout the year. I'm looking forward to the time where I can say I used to have MS. But until then, I'll ramble along through life and try my best not to fall on my face.